What Is The Best Way To Clean a Dirt Bike

In this blog post, we are going to discuss washing the dirt bike. All right so I know what you’re thinking. You really going to tell us how to wash the dirt bike.

Yes, I am now, I will admit and I’m one of them that when it comes to washing dirt bike especially when it really muddy you just got done riding, you’re tired the last thing you wanna do is wash a bike it’s pretty time-consuming.

But we know it has to get done. so there’s a lot of different methods that you can use to wash a dirt bike everyone kind of does it their own way but today I’ll show you my method how I like to do it but I’m also just gonna share with you some tips and tricks and especially some things you don’t want to do or things you want to avoid when you wash your bike.

So just remember the next time you get done riding your bike stirred you look at you just think yourself Yeah I’m just gonna go ride tomorrow so maybe I won’t wash it, you gotta remember bikes have feelings too

Tools Required:

Before we get started I’m gonna show you guys the tools that I like to use when I wash my bike. These things are going to help you out as well, the first one is an exhaust plug this one just going your exhaust they help prevent water from getting in there when you wash your bike.

The next one is SC1 this stuff is awesome for polishing the bike once you have done washing to look good. when you’re all done you got to have some chain cleaner, the chain garters, and chain lubricant, I also like to have just a spray wash the whole bike down with this the bell race brown rinse off also I’ve got my twin airbox wash cover probably the most important thing that I use. when I wash my bike in the street why here in a minute after that I’ve got my grunge brush so I use this to clean my chain mud scraper.

All these items are very inexpensive and they’re very handy when you wash to scrap the mud off your bike that’s will help speed up the process. when you get done riding at the track around the desert wherever it might be we have a lot of my build up in your bike. Take one of these to scrape off all the mud as much as possible that way when you go to wash your bike you don’t have to scrap as much and this really can speed up the process.

Next, you want to have some good quality rags that are really absorbent to dry the bike when it’s all done so these are just the maximum microfiber rags, that we have and also I like to use a wash me. I like to actually go through after washing down the bike with my hand the reason for that is you can spread the bike off really good but what happens a lot of times you still have some fine dirt on there when you’re all done so using this is really helped us get that fine dirt off. So those are the tools that I have that I like to use when I wash my bike so now it’s time for the first step.

Prep the Bike:

Let’s get started with the first step. The first thing you have to do is prep the bike. This is pretty simple but very important so, the first thing is you’re gonna plug up your exhaust now. If you don’t have an exhaust plug okay you can use a cloth to plug it I’ve done it before, It will keep as much water out of there as possible. Next is the seat you don’t want the water to seep in the seat. If your sear becomes very wet, the water tends to go inside and breakdown the foam. Then you will be in a position to change the seats. You got two options here either remove the seat or cover with a poly sheet.

I prefer to remove the seat since it’s easy and secure. Once you remove the seat, put the airbox wash cover we’re gonna take our air filter off put this on that way when you are washing the bike we can actually spread out the entire airbox we’re not gonna worry about getting water inside the airbox. It’s bad to get water into the motor so that’s how we’re gonna prep the bike.

I like to wash the bike by lay it over. I like to do that because it’s easy to clean underneath the bike also it’s easy to get underneath the fenders. You don’t have to do it that way, but for me I think it just makes it easier so laying the bike over you got a couple of options you can use a layover stand which is nice but I just use a stand it’s pretty simple when you laid over you can either do it on the grip but if you want to avoid turning the grips like you’ll see me do actually the bike over and said are right on the lower triple clamp.

So that’s how I like to do you don’t have to you but once you’ve done that we’re gonna start washing the bikes. Wash underneath first, so a couple of things as I mentioned earlier some things you don’t want to do or you want to avoid. If using a pressure washer which is what I like to use I know a lot of guys out there say just use a regular garden hose that route you can take but for me, it just takes a pretty long time pressure washer my opinion is just fine to use.

You just want to make sure you have a lot of pivot points on your bike, a lot of bearing so say your steering stem bearing, your linkages, your swing bearings. If those areas if using a pressure washer you just don’t want to get too close, you want to avoid those will prevent any damage. So now wash underneath the bike wash the fenders.

Once the underneath is washed I like put the bike back on the stand now I’m gonna wash the entire bike by both sides. I’m gonna make sure I get as much of the dirt and the mud off as possible after I’ve done that what I’ll do is I’ll take my spray and wash the entire bike down including inside the airbox then I’m gonna take my Mitt and wipe everything down that’s going to get as much of that dirt in that film as possible.

One more important thing is you don’t want to get too close your pivot points near bearings with a pressure washer you also want to avoid any of your electrical components, your ECU, your maps switches, your kill switches or you may have an hour meter on your bike. So those areas you want to avoid or not get too close to as well. A lot of those things are easy to just clean by hand with a rag.

All right, guys, everything is washed up, she’s looking good but a couple more steps to go so first we take a chain cleaner and the grunge brush. I’m gonna clean up the chain and we get as much grime and dirt off there possible. Now put the air filter back, take the exhaust plug out, install the seat. If you have a fresh air filter throw that in now. We’re gonna drive the bike now start the bike and leave the bike is running that’s gonna burn off a lot of the water on the engine, that’s going to burn up any excess water in the exhaust.

All right guys we got all dried up so last couple final steps first we’re gonna lubricate our chain very important to do that after washing the bike you don’t want any water to dry in the chain have to rust and after we get done doing that we’re gonna take our SC1 and spray on the bike or to Polish up everything get looking nice and shiny and then take the SC1 and spray underneath the fenders and the reason I like to do that the next time you go ride the coating on your fenders were actually help prevent much from sticking on there.

Alright, its time to wrap up the article. This is how I would like to wash a dirt bike so hopefully, these tips helped you.

Remember this is not the only way to wash your bike, this is how I wash but you just want to avoid the things we talked about which is your pivot points, your bearings also electrical components if you’re using a pressure washer.

It is also perfect time to go through the bike inspect everything, look for any damage any components that might need to be replaced that way the next time you go for riding you have that peace of mind knowing that everything on your bike is good to go and you’re ready to rip around.

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