Passion for Dirt Bike Riding

I’m going to attempt to explain to you why I ride dirt bikes, stick around. So this is the topic about I’ve wanted a cover for a long time, I just haven’t quite known what I wanted to say. I was going to do bullet points you know I was going to have an outline of everything I wanted to say but that isn’t happening. I find myself in the mountains today I’m about two days probably from my first ride and I couldn’t be happier.

I am up in basically my church up here in the mountains. I’m at 8,890ft today and the only reason this bike is with me is on the off chance that I got up here and I was and I was too overcome and tempted to ride. I came up here to kind of scout out this trail, this trail system that I’ve ridden for years to see what the snow was doing and to see what the mud level was doing and it turns out I walked about a mile down the trail here and I did because I had my GPS with me.

I walked a mile down the trail and then a mile back and I’m like no it’s just not going to work there’s too much snow I’d be damaging the trail system with how muddy it is. So the bike is only getting out of the truck here for this shot and I wanted to show you this because I freaking love dirt bikes, I love dirt bikes. Dirt bikes have meant so much to me and one of the things that I’ve noticed about riding dirt bikes is it just kind of takes you to a new place, everything else goes out the window.

Your problems go out the window, your worries go out the window, your stresses go out the window and it’s just you and the machine and the mountain or the desert or the trail or the trees and it is a magical, magical experience because when you’re pushing it even if you’re not pushing it but when you’re pushing it even just a little bit you can’t be thinking about that project you have to do at work.

You can’t be thinking about that honeydew thing or you can’t be thinking about that stressful thing that’s happened with your kids at their school or whatever it’s just you and the machine and it is like, it’s like a drug, it’s like this amazing amazing thing that is so difficult to describe unless you’ve done it. Dirt bikes just have become an addiction to me I’m like addicted to that feeling that I get that euphoria and then I’m out here in nature and these leaves I missed, I missed everything.

I missed these leaves turning from green or watching them come in because I hurt my ACL in May this year so that was right before the leaves would have started to come out so I miss the leaves budding. And I missed the leaves turning yellow and then falling down but I can still smell, I can still smell here in these Aspen in this Aspen Grove a little bit of that decaying you know super awesome fall autumn smell and those are some of the things that you get when you’re out on a dirt bike.

You get to see the winter, you get to see the spring, you get to see the summer, the fall and then you’re back into the winter and I love the change of the seasons. And it’s so fun to go out and see those trails and see the forest and see the desert on the seat or on the pegs rather on the pegs of a dirt bike because you can cover so much ground so quickly and you’re not beating up the environment you’re just in a single track it is so amazing it is so amazing to be out there it is such a fulfilling thing.

I have loved being able to grow and learn and learn new skills and push the boundaries and push the limits you know covering the, covering the clutch and covering the brake and grabbing a little bit of the throttle and all of these things and getting over logs like the log that is right over there I mean seriously there’s a log right over here that four years ago I would have practically pooed myself, I wouldn’t have dared get over it.

But today after not riding for even six months I just wanted to bring the bike from over there to over here and here’s this log. I haven’t ridden for six months the bike isn’t even warm, I don’t have any gear on, nothing and I just come over that and I go blip and ride over the log and it’s because you progress and I love that progression I love being able to know that I’m getting better and I’m not I don’t care about my lap times I’m never going to be a professional racer.

I don’t care if I’m the fastest guy out there, I don’t care if I’m the slowest guy out there I’m doing this just to have fun and be fulfilled and I have found that I can have fun and fulfillment at every level, at every stage that I’m at on these dirt bikes I have fun and I get fulfillment and I have enjoyed and it is a major blessing in my life. It has given me something to look forward to.

And over the past six months that thing was stripped for me and, and the last six months have been the hardest six months of my life. It isn’t all because of the fact that this was straight for me I’ve had other things going on. But I can tell you that a major factor in why I have had the darkest six months of my life is because this blessing and this gift was not available to me because I was rehabbing my ACL and my MCL on this knee actually and point to this one but it is this knee.

And what did I do for that time in those six months that I’ve been off the bike what have I been doing I have been working my freaking butt off so that when it’s time, sorry, so that when it’s time to get back on the bike I am stronger than ever and I’m in better shape than ever and I can tell you that I am in better shape right now than I have ever been.

I’m watching what I eat, I watch my weight, I’m working out every day either on the rowing machine or the skiing machine or the stationary bike I’m working out constantly and it’s because of this, I want to be fit so that I can do this and I can I won’t be encumbered and I won’t be inhibited. Dirt bikes are going to make me live longer because I’m in better shape I can tell you that right now.

So in a couple of days when I get back to doing the thing that I love, I’m just going to thank God that I have this opportunity and yes this is my dirt Church right here giving me a lifelong friend back it’s given me new friends and it’s given me a purpose. I love dirt bikes and I love sharing my world with you while I’m doing it and hopefully some of you guys have gotten some benefit out of the hundreds and hundreds of videos that I’ve put out.

And I just want to tell you I put out like five hundred and fifty I don’t know five six pushing 600 videos every one of those videos is a labor of love it’s not always fun. But I’ve done it because people have told me not to stop they’ve said keep going keep going keep going just don’t stop people stopped me in airports, people stop me in hospitals, people stopped, people stopped me at basketball games, people stopped me wherever I go in gun shops and motorcycle shops and everywhere and they say hey we love what you’re doing just please keep what you keep doing.

If I’m not adding value or giving you information that is valuable then don’t read it. But I’m right here up in the mountains because I love this sport and I want to further this sport I want to keep going I want to keep progressing and I want to help you along the way if I can. And anyway that’s my off the hip off the cuff why I ride dirt bikes. Not inclusive it’s just what I thought of right now, appreciate the support you guys have given me and I’m going ride this bike.

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