Most Common Motocross Riding Mistakes

In this post, we’re going to discuss the top 5 most common riding mistakes. The first one is going to be foot placement. A lot of people end up riding with their feet turned out more towards the middle of their boot or towards the back. When you want to turn that thing in and get it on the balls of your feet that enables you to tighten the bike up with your knees and its really nice position be in.

The second one is going to be loose knees and actually the first step creates that. So once you have your feet pointed forward and tight into the bike you want to tighten up with your knees as well. A lot of people get here and the bike can actually move in between your legs instead of you being here and you control it with the weight of your lower body and the balance of your upper body.

So to go along with feet out and also loose knees something to help you understand is if your feet are turned out like this our major control component of the bike is being attached to it with your knees we literally can’t straighten our knees to squeeze the bike any more than this. There’s like you could pay me a million dollars and I wouldn’t get to my hand, my knees are extended.

Now however if I turn my knees in the right direction I can squeeze life out of them. Third one looking down at the front fender while you’re riding. The problem with this is things come up extremely fast. You don’t have time to think the biggest key in motocross is opening your brain up to process information if it’s coming at you at a rate that you can’t process it that’s when the big mistakes happen. This is why you look ahead.

A lot of people don’t explain the why of it but this is why you look ahead. You’ve got to be able to have time to process the information and make decisions based on what you get. –I was actually nervous on that one I literally thought he was going to hit me. I thought I was done, we did not talk about that. — Number four just sitting on the seat too much.

We all know that motocross is a physically demanding sport and it’s a rough racetrack that creates that. If you’re on the seat not only is your body going to take the blow but your spine is the direct force of contact which happens to be the most important bone in your whole body or stack of bones. By sitting too much you’re also eliminating the human suspension which is these two legs so it all like I said before all of it goes into your butt into your back and there’s no control over that.

Number five is going to be how you’re gripping the bike and what it creates with your upper body structure. If you’re gripping the bike like this so gripping the bike with the whole doughnut touching the whole inside of your hand it makes your elbows come inside and we call that t-rex elbows.

What you want to do is grip the handlebar like you’re grabbing a doorknob to twist it so it creates that nice box that we’ve talked about in our other videos you want the upper body to be strong and boxy.

Alright, that was five things not to do, I even crashed doing it for you guys (from by writing desk) hope you’re happy.

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