How To Whip A Dirt Bike For Beginners

Today you guys are going to learn how to whip it in three easy steps. One is going to be approached to the jump and your body position, two will be driving through the face of the jump were to be there and three will be landing the bike straight and how to control the bike in the air. Let’s go ride.

In this whip we are sitting down there are multiple different ways to whip it standing, sitting, feet face, long face, we’re sitting down and we’re showing you guys how that feels I think that’s the easiest way to start and then standing.

Alright, guys step one, approach body position. You’re going to come up to the face find a smooth line, a straight rut whatever it is controlled coming up to the face and I like to just be neutral on the bike, right.

You don’t want to be supercharged into the power or have heavy power leading up to jump because you get heavy power when you get to the bottom of the face. So neutral here getting ready to take off just smooth and steady dry. Step number two there are a few things in this it’s not just one step.

You want to come up the face of the jump at a slight angle depending on which way you’re whipping it and that’s one thing you need to figure out is what way you’re comfortable, are you comfortable going left, are you comfortable going right, and then you can start to carve off the face.

So if you’re comfortable going right like I am meaning leaning right your bike is going to come left it’s going to kind of carve left and then turn back right if that makes sense to you. So you come off the face of the jump at an angle and then you lean and that brings the bike back straight and down to the landing. If you see a guy that really knows how to whip you’ll notice the angle of his line is usually going off the track if you were to just hit it upright.

Step two in step number two is going to be how you leave the face of the jump is how the bike’s going to whip. You’ve got a gift heavier power down through the bottom of the face of the bike plants and then you take your upper body and you lead with your head and shoulders and then as you get off the face of the jump off the tip of the jump the bike leaves kind of out from underneath you and then the gyro of the engine will bring it back if done properly going off the face.

I suggest starting on a small jump, I suggest not trying to whip it upside down the first few times. Make sure you get to where the bike is coming underneath you before you start to extend further into your whip. So here back underneath you, here back underneath you and then rip it and send us a video. Alright, guys step number three. Okay, this is g going to be hitting the bike back underneath you.

Really important, the biggest thing I can tell you is you have to relax and let the bike do its work. If you stiffen up in the air the bike’s momentum up coming back underneath you is stopped. Think about this, when you come off you lean off the face your heavy throttle through the face and off the top you’re leaning, you let the bike float out underneath you, you let it float back underneath you.

You don’t try to force it, you don’t scoot your butt to the side it’s a real fluent movement that’s why it looks so cool and fun to watch. Land with nice tight knees when you land on the landing that way if it is a little sideways you can use your third suspension which is your legs to come off that up and drive down the lane.

Alright, guys that were how to whip, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope it helps you at home. We’re really excited to be able to give you this content please take it slow, make it safe.

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