How To Turn Down Whip On A Dirt Bike

We’re going to teach you how to do a turn down on a small hip jump. You got to see all the big guys doing these big jumps you’ve got to start somewhere today we’re going to teach you how to do that.

Little disclaimer guys to make sure that you’re jumping very consistently going straight jumping bigger jumps before you move on to trying to maneuver the bike especially in small spaces like this. It’s going to be fun to watch but it also is risky if you don’t know how to jump directly first it will lead to injuries so make sure you learn those first.

Step number one in this process is going to be finding the right jump in the right approach. It’s very very important to success in the safety of this. Step number two is going to be the act of the turn down when are we doing it how are we doing it and step number three is going to be riding out of this thing smoothly and making sure that we can do it again next time.

We’re at step one. Probably the most important part to keep you guys safe here you’ve got to find the jump that works for this small kind of maneuver that we’re going to do. What we’re looking at here is probably I would call it a six foot face it’s pretty steep and you’re going to want a little bit of a steeper face so you can get enough air time to move the bike around and also get it back underneath you.

As you can see we’re kind of turning all the way into this. And we’re turning because when we go off of this jump you can see the track goes this way we’re actually landing on the side of the landing over here. See I would call it to say like a 45 degree angle so the camera set up in line with the face of the jump which you just saw and we’re going to be landing directly going this way.

So we’re going to jump upturn the bike in the air laying down 45 degree angle so that’s going to eliminate some of the risk of you landing sideways and the bike kicking back and forth. As the jump gets bigger you’ll have them enough time to get the bike back underneath you and get straightened back up and we’re just learning this it’s nice to have a landing that accommodates that bike being sideways when you land.

Step two guys we’re going to turn this thing down but I want to make sure you guys know how to do it. First things first are we’re going to work on how to lean off the face of the jump and which way to do it. But when you’re coming off the pace of the jump you just want to put your hips in your center line of your body just to the inside of the bike. What that’s going to do is make sure when the bike unloads and lifts off let the bike starts to float out from underneath you.

Okay, and how you’re going to catch that is you’re going to take your hips in the air as soon as you take off and you’re going to kind of turn your hips and then also turn the bars at the same time. And that’s going to pivot the bike in the air and point it down the 45 degree angle landing that we’ve worked off. I like to take my inside leg off it’s going to look a little something like this.

It could be a dance all you kids these days are making dances out of everything, you can just, mainly because my legs are kind of short so my knee is below the seat so when I lean the bike over it’s pulling my body more so. So you’ll see a lot of guys that don’t have super long legs that can’t wrap their legs around the top of the seat they’ll pull that inside foot off a little bit and give it a little room to move out from the foot pack.

It should just naturally come back on as you pull the bike back up to you right before the landing. But when you’re coming up you want to take the bike kind of push it down to the inside of your body if you’ve got shorter legs like I do you can just let that foot blow it off the peg just a little bit to get the bike a little further and then you bring it back under straighten the bike out down the landing.

There’s a difference between what we’re doing here and then what you would do up here scrubbing the jump. More of the work of getting the bike flat and sideways is done after you’re past the face of the jump. Of course, when you’re scrubbing you’re more so breaking the wheels loose and the bikes are floating out from underneath you at the top of the jump.

This is just in my opinion a little safer a little easier a good place to start that process so it’s just everything’s done in the air rather than really breaking the wheels loose and getting the bike flat before you take off. Step three probably the most important especially for your mom’s standards. The biggest thing that I can say here is it’s very similar to landing any jump.

You want to land with your knees squeezed you’ve got to be prepared for the bike being a little sideways so you need to counter that with where your body lands after the bike. If your bike lands way out to the outside if your back tire is further than your front tire out you need to put your body weight to the inside and get ready to meet that when you land. If the bike was way out to the outside and your body was even further out it would just spit you off the other way.

Got to make sure that whatever amount of sideways that you are you’re prepared for that when you land. So if the bike’s a little further out you need to be further to the inside that way when you land the impact is going to take you into the middle of the bike rather than take you off the edge. Landing with your feet on the pegs in the correct spot more of the balls of your feet so you can soak that a little bit of blow up with the first part in your ankles you shouldn’t feel it in your upper body first that means your legs gave out.

A little bit of throttle off your sideways helps as well. So if you land in a little sideways just for a little bit because you’re going to be a little further off the back of the bike you don’t want to land sideways in whiskey throttle you just want a little bit to get that bike straightened out. Alright, guys, we turned it down.

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