How To Teach A Kid To Ride A Dirt Bike Without Training Wheels

Fast forward 25 years it’s time for me to teach my son (who is 6 now) to ride a dirt bike. I remember very well when I learned my first dirt bike lesson from my dad.

Things were a little different those days and I don’t remember how my dad taught me.

So it’s a challenging and fun experience for me.

First and foremost, I don’t suggest to have training wheels for a 6-year-old to ride the dirt bike.

If your children are younger than 6, you can have the training wheels for a week and then remove it. But it makes them settle longer since they are scared without training wheels

Preliminary Stuff:

Till now your son or daughter would have seen you riding the bike, may even sit with you in the front and felt how it will be. But they have not handled the bike on their own. So it will be a better idea to get accustomed to the feeling of holding the bike and knowing how it operates.

This preliminary run down not only warms up your kids but also in spurts their imagination and experience they are going to have.

Walking along the bike:

This is pretty basic and probably some would have done it earlier. Kids love to touch the bike and even want to move from your drive to the garage. If they have not done it earlier, its time to get this done.

Ask your kid to hold the bike with the handlebar and ask them to walk with it. Initially, they may pull towards their side and hold their weight or they may leave it another side without realizing how heavy it is. Ask them to hold straight and practice for 5 -10 minutes until they are used to it. This will help them to feel the weight of the bike and also balance it.

Identify The Important Things In His Bike – Brake, accelerator, gear and its function

Top Tips on Teaching Your Kids to Ride a Dirt Bike

Wear Protective Clothing:

When it comes to driving the dirt bike, the first and the foremost thing is to have good quality protective clothing. When you have good protective clothing it prevents you from serious injuries. Remember it is eminent to fall when you are riding the bike, but the protective clothing will prevent injuries and you can get back to the bike immediately as if nothing has happened.

When you training your kids it is your responsibility to get the projective clothing that suits their size and encourage them to wear properly. It also helps them mentally because they are confident that they have protective clothing and they will not get injured very badly. This improves their driving and confidence which goes a long way in the training.

Size of the bike:

The size of the bike is very important in teaching your kids the first time. If the size is very big it will be too heavy and intimidating. It is better to start with a 50cc bike, to begin with since it is smaller, lighter and looks less intimidating.

But you should consider the size of your kid. For some 50cc might be smaller, if it is don’t start with it and get a 110cc bike. If your kid is of average size get the 50cc bike (even consider renting if possible, since your kid will outgrow very quickly)

If you are using a 50cc bike after 4-6 rides they will be comfortable to handle bigger ones like 110cc bike.

Training Wheels – To Use or Not:

Training wheels are something everyone used to suggest to have when training your young kids. But I totally differ from this concept of having a training wheel. Yes, it will be easier for them when you train them but the problem with the wheels is they used to have them when it comes to removing they will be less inclined to remove and very intimidating for them to drive without the wheels.

Instead, if you just start without the training, they may feel scared only for 1 or 2 drives but they adjust to it so quickly than you think.

So go always without training wheels and they will be riding the bike very soon and they can avoid the pain of transition from training wheels

Keep Stock of Water and Some Light Food:

Even though this is not directly related to the training of the bike, nonetheless it plays an important role during your training sessions.

When your kids start training they are going to fall, get up push the bike and they will be exhausted so quickly. Without proper fluids and food, they will become weak very soon and it will delay their progress.

So feed them adequately and encourage them to have more water during the break which revitalizes them to get ready for the next session of riding.

Select an Open Flat Dirt Road:

This is one of the most important things when you start training. You may be tempted to go for a rough patch with deep rut and sandy surface and you want to see your kids riding on the cool tracks but remember when they start it will be very difficult for them to keep riding if the surface is too hard for them.

Always start with a flat surface with straight dirt and if possible an open space long enough for them to feel it’s big and they are willing to ride for a longer time.

The flat surface will keep them on the bike for longer to get used to the balance and riding, please. Once they are used to the flat surface you can take them to the next step.

Teach One Basics Each Trip:

It will be easy for us to give a lot of tips at one time and overwhelm them. It is always better to teach one basic step for each and every trip.

First – you can teach them to change the gear to the first and ask them to raise the accelerator and ride in a straight line. Once they are used to it and ride a certain distance comfortably you can start the second.

You can ask them to turn slowly at the same time trying to keep the balance. Just ask them to turn 60 degrees and once they practice the turns they will be used to it.

The next basic can be changing the gear to second and raise the accelerator. This way they will be used to one technique at a time and they will master in that basics sooner.

Encourage to Do Mistakes and Learn:

It is imperative that your child is going to make mistakes and crash to surface. You should encourage them even they crash or misunderstood what you have told them.

Give enough support verbally and encourage them to make mistakes and learn. This way they will be more willing to try and have fun in learning.

Never show the disappointment when they do a mistake and encourage them by saying it common to fall and make a mistake

Encourage with Incentives

Encourage them when they do it right. It is very important as this improves their confidence. Encourage them to go long distances and more round if they do well. More the encourage the faster they will learn

Get the Gears of Their Choice of Colors

Wearing the proper gear is one of the important things in riding a dirt bike. Already you will be buying bike clothing but make sure you are buying the clothing of their choice especially the color.

Encourage them to choose the clothing, helmets and protective gear they like. This will encourage them to start the training with more interest and intent.

Every small thing will help them to learn quicker and easier

Engage Your Kids In Dirt Bike Maintenance

This is something I like to do with my kids. I am not saying here to teach the maintenance of the bike so early.

This is another way of involving your kids to be more attached to the dirt bike. A very petty task like water the bike when cleaning, wiping the wet bike and encouraging them to do a petty task when you are changing the oil.

This way they will be more interested in the bike they are riding and ultimately they will learn the proper upkeep of the bike

Setup a Dirt Bike Environment

Last but not least get them some wallpaper of their choice in their room, preferably just opposite their bed, where they can see when they lie down in the bed. Also, have some small stickers to place on the laptop and wallpaper to their home screen and wallpapers on the phones.

This way they will be more reminded of the dirt bike and their interest will increase substantially.


These are the top tips for teaching kids to ride a dirt bike. Even though there seems to be fundamentally very basic, not many parents think of these items.

You have to make sure the environment is encouraging to learn the dirt bike in a fun way

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