How To Street Legal Any Dirt Bike

Today’s post though is not even going to be like solely focused on the riding I do but it definitely correlates to it that’s for sure because in this video I’m going to be talking about how to get your dirt bike street-legal wherever you want.

Even in the strict state of California you’ll be able to ride your dirt bike wherever you want, you could go in the hills you could go on the streets anywhere you want to go you’re going to be able to. So stay tuned it’s going to be a good video and pretty soon you’ll be able ride your dirt bike on the street just like I’m doing right now.

I’ve been putting this post off for so long and I’m so glad that I’m finally uploading it like I’ve been getting asked these questions like dude how do you ride your dirt bike on the street this and that so I’m finally here for you guys.

I went to this article I read up I did a little bit of my research I read some of the comments on the article and then I sent my bike in waited a few weeks and got my place out for my dirt bike. It’s kind of a way around the system if I’m being honest with you guys because when you get your dirt bike street-legal through this way you’re actually getting plates from the state of South Dakota unless you actually happen to live in South Dakota then that works out perfect for you.

But it’s like the only state you’re allowed to register a bike at from your home address. Basically what I mean from this is that when you’re doing this paperwork you are sending this paperwork you’re sending your title all the way to South Dakota in exchange for a South Dakota title.

So say you live in Florida wherever you guys live you’re going to be doing this and you’re going to be trading in your Florida title you’re going to be trading in and you’re training it in for the South Dakota title and that’s how you’re going to be able to get your bike street-legal. Alright so why do you even want to go to the pain of doing this why do you even want to register your bike in South Dakota.

Well, I can’t speak for every state but I’m sure there’s definitely other states that are just as strict as California. In California, you cannot get a dirt bike plated it’s impossible now till 2004 we were able to but after 2004 they came out with a law in the state of California which you are unable to plate your dirt bikes anymore and so this is kind of the way around that.

So what you’re going to do like I said is you’re going to mail in your title go down to the text article man read up you’re going to have to go get a notary. You’re going to have to go down and get paperwork notarized you’re going to have to send in a text letter.

Again I do not want to go over it all in this post for you guys because it’s going to be long it’s going to be boring and it’s so much easier to go down to read this text article down in the description. And like I said you’re going to be mail in your title you’re going to have to get stuff notarized.

And the biggest thing you guys is if your dirt bike if you go on your VIN number and you go to the 8th digit of your dirt bike and again this is for the state of California it may differ in other states just do a little bit of research but in the state of California if your dirt bike has the 8th digit in the VIN number a 3 or a C you’re not going to be able to transfer it to your home state.

Again you’ll be able to get a South Dakota plate and if you want to keep the South Dakota plate that’s 100% ok if you’re on like a KX 450F or something it’s probably going to have a 3 or a C in the 8th position because it’s going to be deemed totally as a motocross bike. You are going to be able to ride it on the street but when it comes time maybe you want to sale the bike and you have a plate on it a lot of people aren’t going to be turned on by a South Dakota plate.

I feel like I’m so confusing around trying to explain all that like there’s so much info and I’m trying to explain it I feel like I’m just not making any sense at all. I will say one thing though it is a pretty long waiting game to get the title from South Dakota. What you did complete all the paperwork and get everything filled out. When I did it, it took about one week to get my plate in the mail which wasn’t that bad at all.

In one week’s turnaround time, I was riding my dirt bike on the street but it takes about a month to a month and a half to get your title in the mail to get yourself Dakota title. So if you’re waiting don’t even I think they ripped me off, just be patient because I saw I thought this same exact thing.

Like I said from South Dakota to California took about one week to get my license plate my South Dakota license plate and it took about a month and a week to get my title from them. See now the biggest thing in this whole entire thing is to say you got yourself Dakota plate say you got ‘em in the mail you put them on your dirt bike you have whatever you need for your city or your state you got blinkers you got a brake light you have everything.

You have everything that you need for it to be legal in your state but you still have a South Dakota plate. The biggest thing is people are like well you need to get your own title for your own state within two weeks or else you’re going to get pulled over and it’s a fee because of this and that. And look man I had myself Dakota plates for three months.

I’ve had my fair share of cops looking at me running my plate I will say I’ve never been pulled over but instead of two weeks like everybody keeps saying I’ve had my plate for three months and never had a problem and the reason is because look you have a South Dakota title but on the South Dakota title you have your home address. So, for example, I had a South Dakota title I live in California.

So on my South Dakota title although it was a South Dakota title on the title the address was my address in California. I didn’t make up some stupid-ass address in South Dakota which if you’re planning on doing that don’t do it because that’s a waste of time.

But like I was saying don’t make some stupid ass address up don’t do stupid shit like that put your correct address and then on your South Dakota title you’re going to have your address from wherever you’re from. Again if it’s California or Florida, wherever you are that you need to get this done make sure you use your home address.

And I think that’s the loophole around the whole entire thing is if you get pulled over there’s not really much they can say because on the title that’s actually where you live. I really hope this is all making sense for you guys I’m trying to explain it to the best of my abilities but I still feel like it’s a little confusing.

If you ever have any questions throughout this video or at the end of the video if you head over there alright check it all out and if you have any questions feel free to let me know you guys in the comments, [0:08:27.2] me on another social platform and we’ll get it figured out together.

I mean I’ve already gone through this whole entire thing before I’ve already gone through the process of filling everything out waiting so I do have some experience with it so like I said man anything you guys need to know or anything just feel free to let me know and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. I’m going to touch briefly on the VIN number thing and again I know this applies for the state of California I’m not sure if it applies for other states.

I’m sure a quick Google search will get you the information you need if it does apply but in the state of California if your 8-digit and the VIN of your motorcycle is a 3 or C it is deemed as an off-road vehicle it is deemed as a red sticker bike and you will never I mean okay I’m sure there are other ways around the system because nothing is impossible but if you have a 3 or C in an 8-digit  you are going to have a whole another world of problems when it comes to registering your bike if you want to get it registered in your home state.

So if your 8-digit has a 3 or a C, A either leaving the South Dakota plate and I’m sure you’ll never have a fucking problem or B look for another bike if you want it to get it plated in your home state. So I do know a lot of green sticker bikes actually have different digits other than the 3 or a C, I’m not going to say all of them so definitely make sure to double check the bike you are either have or you either planning to apply.

But for example, when I got this WR 450F my whole goal was to get a bike that did not have the 8-digit a 3 or a C because in the long run I wanted to get it California plated because it heavily heavily increases the value of the bike. Because in California it is so hard to find a bike and technically you’re not supposed to have your bike plated in the state of California but again the loophole kind of around that system is to make sure the 8-digit does not have a 3 or a C.

So just be sure to check that out when you’re purchasing a vehicle if you never want to get it registered in your home state then you don’t even have to worry about it. Now again for California I heard of this rule called a 7500 mile rule and again that’s another gray area when it comes to getting your bike plated.

Now I’ve had two different experiences with this rule technically again if you want your bike plated in California again I’m sorry I’m not sure about the other states just again please do your research in that way you can back up what I say right here. But for California, you need to have that 8-digit clear of a 3 or a C and supposedly you need 7500 or more miles on your vehicle you’re trying to get plated because it deems it as a used vehicle to the state of California.

It doesn’t make any sense but that’s what people have said that’s what articles have said and I will say the first time I got a dirt bike plated they actually did ask if it had 7500 miles or more and luckily with that this phenomena odometer I was able to maybe make it go a little higher than what it had and I was able to get it plated because it did say it had over 7500 miles.

But when it came to getting this WR plated in the state of California they never asked me which was weird so I guess it kind of depends on where you go and how loosely they follow the rules or maybe they just write down that it has 10,000 miles or they really don’t care but that’s what I’m unsure of I’m not a hundred percent sure if that 7500 mile rule does apply again it would probably be the safest option to maybe make sure your bike does have 7500 more miles kind of do.

Do what you have to do that’s what I’m going to say to make sure it has 7500 or more miles because it’s always good to play it a little bit safe that way if they do ask you how many miles it has you’re able to give them a number that is above that 7500 mark. Alright, you guys well that’s kind of all the info I have for you guys and that’s how I got my dirt bike plated and was able to ride it on the street.

Either if you want to ride with the South Dakota plate or you ride with the plate of your state it is totally up to you guys. But again go down the description check that links out I’m nowhere affiliated with them at all it’s just a great article and it gives you everything you need to do to get your bike plated as all the appropriate paperwork it has shit highlighted for you it basically breaks it down perfectly for you.

I mean I did the first try I followed what it said and like I said I had my South Dakota plates in the mail a week later so it’s totally awesome. I mean I recommend it I never had a problem you guys I never had a problem running around with South Dakota plates if you do want to get it plated in your home state just do a little research, leave me a comment down below because it is a little bit more technical to get it plated in your state.

But then again I was able to get it plated in California and I’ve heard that is the absolute hardest most strict state it is to get it plated so it’s definitely possible you guys. So yeah thank you so much for tuning in like I said any questions view of it feel free to leave them down below in the comments. I would recommend a WR 450 or CRF 450 X if you’re wanting to go out and get a dirt bike plated.

The reason is being been because the WR 450s and the CRF 450 X is already come with a headlight and already come with the taillight so that’s something you don’t have to deal with you don’t have to install a different state or you don’t get to mess around with that stuff you just got a slap on blinkers and a couple of other things to make it street-legal again depending on your state.

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