How To Seat Bounce A Dirt Bike

Today we’re going to teach you guys how to seat bounce. Seat bouncing, the technique used to get a little more distance and a little more height when needed. You’re going to learn this in three semi-easy steps, again this is for intermediate to advanced riders.

So first step would be body position, where to put your body on, what type of you know to jump and then second it’s going to be your throttle control going off the face and make sure you’re not going too far backward or too far forwards. And last but not least we’re going to just talk about how to control the bike in the air.

Here’s step one, we’re going to talk a little bit about where you’re sitting on the seat, your jump pitch, how much throttle. Ideally, draw a centerline down the middle of the bike, you want to put your butt over top of that basically get weight over the shock so you can get it to unload and get a little more lift.

Now what you want to think about is every jump got a little different pitch to it steeper or flatter and that’s going to determine whether you’re farther forward or farther back deeper you don’t want to be as far back unless you have a lot of throttle. There’s a lot of balance in the throttle as to where you’re sitting in the face of the jump that you have to have knowledge over so don’t just pick a jump and go try this.

So you want to start mellow work your way up and then that it gives you time to play with where you’re sitting and how much throttle you’re giving. Step two we’re going to talk about throttle delivery. It’s really a balance in how hard you’re hitting the face as to how much gas you’re putting on.

If you’re not hitting the face real hard you don’t need a lot of throttle, if it’s a jump or you’ve got to get super high and far obviously you’re going to be sitting into it with an aggression and you’re going to need a little more aggression in the throttle to keep you from endo. Don’t endo. Think about when you’re coming into the face of the jump and you’re sitting your weight into it that’s when you would want to apply more throttle.

You don’t want to come in with a wide open throttle and hold that steady you want the torque to pull that weight into the face that way you get the lift that you need. Step three we’re going to talk about control in the air after you take off you’re going to really need to understand how the bike is going to react.

Most of the time you end up grabbing the clutch hit in the back brake and leveling the bike out because you’re really aggressive and there’s a lot of torque and you’re pulling through the face. Another way to do it if you don’t quite make the jump say your back tire hits the top and the front tire makes it, it just gets a little weight over the front end and keeps the front end up

Alright, guys, I hope you learned a thing or two about seat bouncing.

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