How To Scrub A Jump On A Dirt Bike – Jump Low Like A Pro In 3 Steps

Today we’re going to teach you guys how to scrub in three semi intermediate to expert steps. One is going to be the approach coming up to the jump and just getting set up and knowing where you’re going. Two is going to be the main course is what’s going to happen through the middle of the face and then three is going to be how to control the bike in the air and get the two wheels back underneath you so you can power to the next obstacle.

Keep in mind here there are many different ways to scrub and many different jumps and different approaches but this one will get you started to keep you safely get you going faster over the jumps and having some fun.

Step one the approach to the jump. We’ve got to figure out how to get to the face of the jump correctly that way we can do what movements we need on the face of the jump. So basically here we have a rut coming up so we’re going to stick our wheels in the rut we’re going to be squeezed on the bike real tight with our legs in a good charge position and as we come up to the face of the jump we’re going to lean the bike to the right we’ll get to that in step two but the most important part is, is making sure you’re lying to the face of the jump is straight.

Alright, you don’t want to come in and be all squirrely then try to throw the bike down because that’s going to create some uneasy movements like that guy. Alright, guys step two most important part we’re coming off the face of the jump. You can see these lines in the face of the jump here don’t go with the landing. As you see when we get to the top the landing gets kind of to the right.

But when you’re coming up the face the bike carves out to the left the body carves to the right. What that does is it allows the suspension instead of unloading to deflect out when the suspension deflects out early as you’re going up the face you stay lower you go faster. Think about putting the bike down to the inside of the body coming up the face it’s a very unnatural movement if you’ve only been jumping straight all your life.

But like I said we need to get the suspension to unload to the outside rather than up okay that’s how you’re going to stay low and stay fast. Okay, this is a very advanced technique, alright, so just make sure that you take your time on this start small don’t hit [0:03:45.4] shine this right away. Alright, step three guys controlling the bike in the air. We’ve taken off the face we let the suspension deflect out or turn down.

The key to jumping and doing this on a smaller jump we’ve got about 35 to 40 foot jump here it’s making sure that you stay turned down. That gets the wheels back underneath you the fastest. If you turn the wheel the opposite way it almost stops the gyro effect of the engine and the momentum of the wheel and keeps the bike out a little longer that’s something you can do on a bigger jump.

For something like this is which I suggest you trying on first where you’re close to the ground a little safe or a little slower keep the wheel turn to the inside and it’s going to pull those things right back underneath you nine times out of ten don’t be the one. Alright guys step four, we tricked you, we only said that there were three steps but with four steps so welcome to the fourth step it’s going to be fun.

I am going to jump the jump however you want to call it straight, I’m going to deflect out scrub we’re going to see who goes faster we’re going to see who goes lower we’re going to show you guys the proof is in the pudding. If you guys learn how to do this you’re going to gain speed knock down the lap.

There you have it that was the scrub, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Keep in mind you have to have all your technique dang near perfect before you try that.

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