How To Properly Tie Down A Dirt Bike On A Trailer [Truck, Carrier, Truck Bed, With Ratchet Straps]

Dirt bikes are meant to ride in dirt. So it is important you need to know how to carry your dirt bike safely from your shed to the riding track. In this post we are  going to show you guys how to tie down your dirtbikes in the back of your truck. Whether it’s one, two, or three bikes, we’re going to show you some of our favorite techniques to do so.

Now we’ve got the bikes loaded up in the truck and we’re going to show you how to tie them down. Now a couple of things you want to keep in mind is that everyone’s going to have different techniques that they like to use to tie down their bike at the back of your truck.

A lot of times it depends on the set up you have, your truck bed length, the truck bed width, how many tie down attachment points you have, so just keep that in mind. But today we’re going to show you some of our favorite techniques to give you guys a good starting point. Alright, so first off we’re going to talk about single bike techniques. And the first way is probably the most common method. In fact if you look at your owner’s manual, this is typically the method that they’re going to recommend.

So what you’re going to do, is take your bike, walk in straight into your bed. And now we recommend now on the left side of the tailgate or it’s just going to be the left side of the bed, that way the blind spot of the driver is going to be open. But walk your bike straight in, okay, get it back against the bed of the truck, and then what you’re going to is just take a tie down in each upper front corner, you’re going to take those and then you’re going to use those to secure the bike in place.

Now as far as tie-downs go, there’s a lot of different tie-downs that are out there that kinda we like, other ones that have a carabiner, a soft strap and a buckle. We like the ones from rider cargo, they’re inexpensive, they do a great job. But you’re just going to take each tie-down secured it to each side of the handlebars. And when you cinch them down, you don’t have to go crazy and cinch it down as hard as you can.

You just want to make sure each side is nice and tight, you want to make sure you have even pressure, but that’s all. Simple method, straight in, tie down each side. So once you have your bike loaded up, if you have a long bed, pretty straight forward, shut your tailgate, you’re good to go. But if you don’t have a long bed and you want to close your tailgate, what we’ll always do, is just pick up the back tire, swing it over to the right just a little bit and that allows us to shut our tailgates. So that’s method #1, single bike straight in.

Alright, so for method #2, that’s very common for single riders, and this is a great method if you want to load your bike in the back of your truck and get your tailgate up, it’s called the diagonal method. And as you can see behind me it’s pretty simple, you’re going to load your bike in, you take your front tire put it the left front corner of your bed, and then the back tire is going to be in the right rear corner, so the bike is going to be diagonal across the bed of your truck.

Now once you have the bike loaded up for this position, what we recommend when it comes to tying it down, is you want to have your tie-down straps at opposite corners of the bed. That way you’re going to have good leverage with your tie-downs, that’s going to keep the bike really secure. Now from here, if you want to make sure that your bike’s not going to be to roll back and forward at all, a couple tips, you can put the bike in gear but also what you can do is you can take a third strap or tie-down and secure to the handlebar and then to that front left cord in the bed and that will prevent the bike from rolling back and forth.

But that’s going to be our second method for a single bike is a diagonal method. Now another great way to load one bike or even multiple bikes if you want to in your trailer or your truck bed, is what this lock and load transport system from risk racing. What’s awesome about these, is one’s you have these mounted up, they’re going to secure your bike and they don’t use tie-downs.

So the way it work is really simple. Once you have them loaded up and mounted, once you’ve done that, you’re going to have these red knobs that you’re going to fasten down. You’re just going to walk your bike in, you walk your bike in ’til your foot pegs hit the anchors and the jaws. And then all you’re going to do is just take your foot on your boot, press down on this and you’re actually going to lock it into place, then you take the locking pin, slide it on and that’s going to secure your dirtbikes.

So if you want to load your bike but you don’t want to use tie-downs, this is an awesome method to use. Now one thing with these, I do want to point out is when you purchase one of these, they actually come with mounts for a trailer bed. If you’re going to mount this in the bed of your truck, you want to pick up the truck’s specific mounts, the part numbers on the product page, those will actually span the corrugation of your truck bed so make sure pick those up to get these load in the back of your truck. 

Alright, so now let’s talk about loading two bikes. And the first method is pretty simple, it’s both bikes straight in. So with this method, you’re going to secure both bikes pretty much the exact same way that we just showed you with the single. But when you’re doing this, you want to make sure that both bikes are a little bit farther out to the side, that way when you have them secured, your handlebars aren’t bashing each other.

And also a couple tips with this, when I load the first bike, what I like to do is I’ll tie it down but I like to have the bike actually leaning or hanging a little bit towards the edge of the bed. Now the reason for that is actually I want a little bit of slack on my inside tie-down, that way, when I load the second bike, I have enough slack in that inside tie-down from the first bike that I can lift it up to walk the second bike’s front tire underneath that tie-downs.

So that’s going to make it a whole lot easier. Also it’s very important with this method, you want to make sure that your tie-downs are in a good spot that you’re going to reach them especially when you’re loading that second bike. If you don’t have them in a good spot that’s easier to reach, it can be quite a nightmare.

Now a couple more tips that we want to give you with this method is if you have a truck that has a narrower bed and you don’t want your handlebars to hit each other, what you can do is offset one of the bikes. You could use a bike stand or eve a toolbox for that, we’ll talk about them more in just a minute. But also, once you have your bike has loaded up unless you have a long bed, well, you’re not going to be able to close your tailgate.

So, unless your truck has a bed extender like this one behind us does, another great product that you can use, is called the Moto Gate. And essentially what that is, is a nylon tailgate for your truck and it just secures everything in place. It’s going to prevent anything with sliding out the back of your bed. Now the second technique we want to show you for two bikes is going to be awesome for riders that struggle to get two bikes in the bed of their trucks without the handlebars hitting, or maybe you have a truck that has a pretty narrow bed.

So for this method, it’s pretty simple, you’re going to walk in each bike. Now you want to walk them in pretty dang close to the edge of the bed and just before you get to the end with your front tire, you’re going to actually angle it in. And what you want to do is you want to have both front tires meeting in the middle of your truck bed. In that way, it’s going to give you leverage, you’re going to be able to tie down both bikes and you’re going to notice with this method, you get a lot of room in the middle and you don’t need to worry about your handlebars hitting each other. Another great benefit with this method is that for some trucks dependent on your truck bed length using this method, a lot of riders actually able to close their tailgate. So now let’s talk about loading three bikes in the back of your trucks. This method is pretty simple. You’re going to take your first two bikes, you’re going to load them in just like we showed you earlier where you got two bikes straight in. Now when you tie those down, don’t tie down or don’t cinch down your tie-downs just yet, you want to atleast some slack of there to get the third bike in.

But then for the third bike, to prevent your handlebars from hitting each other, what you want to go is offset that bike. Well what you can do, it’s pretty simple. You can use a toolbox or you can use a bike stand like we’ve done in the back of this truck and then you’re going to put that bike stand right between the two other bikes, that way when you load the third bike, the front tire is going to contact that, it will stop the bike from going farther forward. And then what you want to do is just route your tie-downs up in a way that it’s not pinching any cables.

And you want to look for any rub marks or any rub or wearing that you might get from your tie-downs. So as you’re routing those, just be cautious of that, we like to actually just go right through the forks up to that third bike and then secure it down. So once you have those in place, then you’re going to start to cinch everything down and get everything nice and snug.

Now a couple tips that we have with this method, you gotta remember that you’re going to have the most leverage the higher up that your tie-down anchor points are in your bed. So if your bed offers it and you have a higher anchor point for your tie-down, we always recommend using those. Now another tip that we have with your tie-downs is once you get the bike secure, it’s always a good idea just to tie up any loose ends that you might have with your tie-downs.

That way they’re not flapping around getting snagged on in anything. Now with this method as well, can we talk about using the bike stand or even a toolbox. But another great product that is actually built specifically for this is called the Tie Bar from High Roller. So what’s great about that is actually it just mounts the front of your bed, it’s awesome for one or two bikes. But they have an extension they call the kicker, and if you get that extension, it’s going to allow you to load three bikes the exact same way we just did.

But what’s nice about that tie bar is that it has all the anchor point already on, so it just makes it really easy to get all your tie-down attached. And not only does it make it easier to tie your bikes in, but also what’s nice is actually it reinforces your bed so when load your bikes in, you don’t risk running your front tire into the bed and possibly denting it. Alright, so there you’ve seen it. 

Those are some of our favorite techniques for loading one or multiple bikes in the back of a truck. Now everyone’s going to have a way that they prefer, so try out a couple of different methods that we show you today and find which one you like best. But just remember, everyone’s going to be a little bit different. Now if you’re in a moto van, well, you’re going to use the exact same techniques except you’re just doing it inside of van.

But now what we want to do is show you a couple quick tips and technique on how to load dirbikes on a trailer. So when you’re loading the dirtbike onto a trailer, it’s pretty straight forward. If you’re loading it straight on, you just want to make sure that your front tire is contacting something that make sure it’s going to stay still.

 So whether it’s the railing of your trailer or if you want we sell wheel chocks which are great ’cause it’ll just mount right into your trailer, and your front tire goes right into those that holds them in place. Then you’re just going to tie it down the same way that we showed you. Now if you’re going to be loading your bike horizontally or sideways in the trailer, okay, make sure your front tire is up against something.

Now with the back tire if you’re loading it sideways, what you want to make sure is that your back tire is not going to be bouncing around going side to side. So a great tip for that are these lashing tie-downs from rider cargo. So once you have your bike tie down sideway, is you’re going to take one of these, secure around the back tire and then to the bed or to the trailer and that’s going to keep that tire from bouncing around.

Alright, so now that we’ve showed you our favorite techniques for securing bikes in the back of your truck or in a trailer, we just want to show you some products that are going to help you out with tying down your bikes also with security. So the first one is just a fork brace from Rider Cargo. So what’s nice about these, it just go between your front tire and your front fender. And it just allows you to cinch down the bike get it nice and tight but it’s not going to compress your forks, so it’s just going to add longevity to your fork seals as well as your springs.

So that’s going to be a fork brace. The other, are tie-down extension straps. So these are from Rider Cargo, these are great for couple reasons. One, if you have tie-downs that don’t have a soft strap and you don’t want to scratch up your handlebars, these are great. Also, like you’ve seen today a couple the methods, you need to have as much length as possible on your tie-downs. So if you have a scenario where you don’t have enough length on your tie-downs, you can use these to add some extra length. So those are the tie-down extension traps. And now another great one are the strap rings from Canyon Dancer.

So what these do is allow you to have another tie-down point on your bike. Now, they’re normally really popular for bigger bikes like ATV bikes that have fairings but you can also use it on any bikes. So a popular place that dirtbikers like to use these is actually on their triple clamp on their forks. So all you do is just take out a bolt and put this between the bolt in your triple clamps cinch it back down and it gives you another anchor point for your tie-downs.

Now when it comes to securing your bikes and your luggage is in the back of your truck, we all want that peace of mind that when we’re not in our truck, that our things are going to be safe and we want to deter theft as much as possible. So there’s a couple of straps that we offer that we want to show you they’re going to help geive you some of that peace of mind.

So the first one, are the lock straps. So as you can see with these, they are massive, they are very long. And what’s awesome is that you have a carabiner on each end and each carabiner has a 3-digit combination lock. So once you have that set, you’re not going to be able to open up the carabiner to unlatch it. And also you’re going to notice that you have a steel cord that goes along the entire length of the straps that makes it very difficult to cut. So that’s the lock strap.

The other that I want to show you are going to be the security straps from SteelCore. So with these, they’re going to be a little bit more cost effective than the lock strap, so not as expensive but same idea. You’re going to have this buckle that’s going to lock with the key so after you have the strap tied down, you can just lock it up so people can’t just open the buckle on under your tie-down.

And then just like what that lock straps, there is a steel core going all the way through it and makes it difficult to cut. So again, if you just want some tie-downs, they’re going to offer a little bit more security, give you some peace of mind, these are some really good options. Alright, so there you have it, we have shown you today some of our favorite techniques for securing one or multiple bikes in the back of your truck or on a trailer.

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