How To Nose Wheelie A Dirt Bike

In this post, we’re going to show you guys how to nose wheelie a dirt bike in three steps. The first step you want to look at your terrain and understand kind of you don’t want to do it in the sand, you want to make sure you’re finding the spot with good traction. Step two is going to be to pop up, getting the back tire in the air, step three is going to be controlling it once it’s there.

Alright guys so for your step one the big piece is finding somewhere that’s smooth, doesn’t have a lot of obstacles meaning rocks or roots or whatever it is, make sure you’re not in grass especially wet grass and something that has a little bit of a grade that you can sit your butt into the seat and then come up off the seat to get the back tire to pop off pop off the ground.

If you find something that’s a little shorter and steeper it’s actually a little easier to do it slower and that’s probably going to be your best bet to start. So one thing I want to add and at least pushed it up a little bit because the braking power wasn’t what I needed out of this bike is we went to a little shorter naughtier bump. What we’re after here is that it’s more abrupt it pops the back end up a little more.

Just make sure you have some traction with your front end if you have great traction you can about do it just by pulling in the front brake. Step two goes we’re going to get the bike in the air, we’re going to kind of work on body position. The big piece is what we just talked about finding something with the incline sit into that incline so the spring unloads and goes ahead and gives you the weight to the front end that you need.

What’s the weight transfers to the front there’s a time to get heavy on the front brakes that are going to get them back in to pop up in the air and then it’s all control after that. The big thing is moving way up off the seat. You can’t find an incline or can’t find a bump it’s going to be more aggressive body movement so you’re going to have to kind of sit into the seat and then get light off the seat not stand up by any means just lighten your load off the seat and then heavier front brake to get the back end up off the ground.

Second gear idle speed, get it up drop it. Step three is going to be once the bike’s up is controlling it and riding in a few feet. I don’t suggest hitting anything real high speed right upfront, make your goal 10ft put a marker out. The big thing is, is getting the bike up high enough to where it starts to get light as far as the pressure on your front brake to keep it there.

If you’re like heavy front brake the whole time you’re just slowing down just as we talked about in our wheelie post the balance point is a big  part of this so pop it up as the pressure on the front brake gets the light to keep it up there and you just kind of finesse that all the way to your planning.

I hope you guys and girls got some information on nose wheelie a dirt bike. As always be safe and take your thrill step by step.

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