How To Load 2 Dirt Bikes In Short Bed Truck

I’ve been asked how do I fit two bikes in the back of a short bed truck at least a six and a half foot bed truck and I’m able to also shut the tailgate, we’re going to show you that today. This truck right here with a six and a half footbed. This bed right here and close the tailgate we’ll be doing this with those in here. It’s going to be two bikes in one bed all sorts of great stuff can happen you never know, they are adults.

If you are one of those guys that has an 8-foot bed put in two bikes in the back of the truck and closing the tailgate is not going to be a problem because you’re going to be able to leave them straight. But if you’re like most of the rest of the world and you don’t have a long bed you might have like a six-foot bed or six and a half foot bed you can put two dirt bikes in the back of the truck.

This is a six and a half foot bed and those are the beds that I like the most because they don’t look super ugly and you can still get some good utility out of them as we’re about to show.

The cool thing about doing the bikes like this is you can just set them to the side, you want to bring them into the side and then you can set it up there on the side of the truck just like that and let it stand on its own while you grab the other bike.

You can set those off on the side like this, that’s how I want to show that and let that stand there for a second. Okay, so the trick of this is making sure that the bikes are as far over to the side as possible and then bringing both tires together in the middle up here to kiss as I’ll show you.

So sometimes you might you able to go on the other side of the bike right here off the back and drag this tire all the way over and pull it towards you. If you, you know if that will help because what you’re going to do is you’re going to cock your handlebars all the way like this and then make a meet right in the middle, so I’m going to bring that up right there and that’s what I’m looking for is essentially the front tires to meet right in the middle, that’ll work.

And you’ll notice they are standing up on their own ‘cause they’re leaned up against the side of the bed here so but now we just grab our tie-downs. Now just hook your tie-downs you might want to hook the outside tie-downs first if you’re alone and you don’t have anybody to hold the bikes. And then so I’ve got this one here I’m going to flip this tie-down over that tire so it can go over to the other bike.

The cool thing about this method is you get your tailgate shut and I think it’s also a really secure way to load I mean to have the bikes in the truck. In fact, I’ve started to do I’ve started to load my bikes like this even when I only have one bike in the truck just along the side of the bed the reason why I think it’s kind of cool doing it that way is that then.

When the bike is all the way over here on the side I can still see out of my rearview window or my rearview mirror straight back through here ‘cause you’ve got a clear shot. So even if I’ve only got one bike in I’ve kind of been doing it like this with you know along the side.

With the bikes tied down like this and then both kind of giving pressure on the front wheel there and they’re kind of pinched in to the front of the bed you don’t need, you don’t need them to be super tight, you don’t need to compress your forks a ton because they’re pulling against each other and they’re solid, they’re not going to move.

One of the things I’ve learned recently is not all six and a half footbeds are made equal and you do have to have a six and a half footbed to make this work. On Sam’s truck his GMC, his six and a half foot bed is like four or five inches shorter than mine at least three inches shorter.

And so some of the time it’s hard for you to get these things and some of it in there and some of the time you’re going to have to go up there and really pull on these and if you come up to the front and just grab it here and pull this tire all the way over and get that bike pinched because when you pull this tire up like this you can help kind of compress the entire bike and that will make, make it so your tailgate can close so that’s something to just watch out for if you’ve got one of those shorter six and a half footbeds.

Now it’s time for the money shot can you put your ramp and then gear bags on top of that and do this, yes you can. We’re going to use voodoo magic they just tend to stay on here and then I want to shoot this guy, crazy I know. Now just hook your tie-downs, you might want, oh, the door shut I mean tailgate shut, right. Two bikes in the truck together with the tailgate shut, of course, this isn’t a long bed.

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