How To Improve Your Dirt Bike Cornering

Today you’re going to learn how to plant your dirt bike in a corner. We’re going to teach you guys how to create a little more traction in your turns and also keep the bike settled in ruts by planting the bike in the corner and that all of the stems from where you’re setting up on the track.

A big common mistake that I see for a lot of people is not knowing when to set up for the corners. If you’ve done your homework on proper braking and then also proper control through the middle of the corner then the big piece that ties that together is when do you switch, when do you go from standing the sitting and the answer is it’s case by case scenario but there is a special kind of groove that you want to drop into.

You think of when can I get on the gas and control steady throttle the rest of the way through the turn. That should be your time where you set up. The reason for this the bike is planted when you’re braking. When you come off the brakes the bike will unload by unloaded I mean the suspension has raised up you’ve hired your center of gravity you’ve got a different travel it doesn’t suck ‘til the earth is good so you’ve got to sit back into the seat to get the bike to replant.

If you do that too soon the bike then unloads and then you’re to the turn. And then you’re hitting the turn with a bike unloaded so what you want to think about is when in this turn do I feel comfortable or I can get on the gas and continue steady throttle all the way on the turn to keep the bike stable. A lot of the times that’s right in the quarter first quarter of the turn you’re going to sit gas at the same time as you’ll be right here.

A good rule of thumb is where is the last breaking bump. That usually is a good indicator of where people are getting off the brakes and then setting up and back onto the gas. Especially if we have to track with it a good amount of decent riders the braking bump the last braking bump will usually be right before the beginning of the turn. So it gives you a couple of feet to get from standing and braking to sitting and throttle.

Alright we’re sitting at the right point we’re gassing at the right time we’re holding the throttle we’re jumping triples it’s awesome.

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