How To Do A Stand Up Wheelie On A Dirt Bike

In this post, we’re going to teach you how to do a stand-up wheelie and where to apply it on the track in three easy steps. So first is going to be your set up body position and approach, second is going to be controlling that wheelie make sure you don’t go too far forward too far back you’re just in that right spot and third is going to be where you can apply it on the track and at home or wherever you decide to do it.

Step one, the first thing you want to look at is your approach. You want to find an area that’s flat it’s smooth you don’t want a lot of obstacles you don’t want any ruts. When you’re first learning this you need is the least amount of obstacles as possible to get-go. Next will be a body position. It’s very similar to how you’re standing going down a rough straightaway with your weight down the middle and your upper body in attack position.

The biggest difference is going to be where your feet are. So instead of your feet being back on the pegs on the balls of your feet you’re going to go more towards the middle of the peg so you can cover your rear brake which is going to be if you go too far back it’s going to be what saves you from looping all the way out.

An important thing here is to make sure that when you load the bike so clutches in the front brake kind of loads to the front and then you release the clutch and throttle at the same time you want your hips to drop back behind your heels. Right, it’s going to get your center of gravity just back over the back you want your weight to be closer to the back tires so the top of the bike is light and it’s much easier to control and more balanced.

What really helps when you’re about to get your pop is that you pull the clutch in lightly going into your front brake lightly go into your rear brake what that’s going to do is compress the whole bike down so when you let go of the clutch and give it gas it almost is like the suspension is working with you to get the bike up and you don’t need as much of an aggressive throttle delivery to get the bike up.

So you’re letting the suspension work with you and then releasing the clutch a little bit of gas pop the front end up and then start to manage that from there. The preferred gear to start in here is I like to start in second personally and if I’m starting to gain momentum which just means that I’m not all the way up to my balance point if I’m gaining momentum I’m just I’m having to use a throttle to keep me up.

I’ll shift up another gear and go to third or fourth depending on how far I’m trying to do it is going to depend on how much you use those gears. Step two is going to be controlling this wild beast. Throttle control and back brake control are like the key components to keep them safe here. If you guys have seen the first wheelie video you’re going to know what we’re after here you’ve got to make sure you cover your rear brake and that you’re on it.

As soon as you know you’ve passed that balance point you’re off the gas and you lightly roll on that rear brake unless you’re really far back then you just do all you can to stop it, it doesn’t matter you just want to get the front end down. A lot is going to do with, I take my hand off the clutch personally just helps me grip the handlebars and I just hover over that rear brake and I just try to keep the throttle right up in that balance point so it’s very lightly you’re delivering that throttle to keep it upright.

And then it’s just squeezing the bike being in the right position and practicing over and over and over and over and over and over. So in step three, we’re going to talk about where do you apply this where do you what I’ll learn how to wheelie what do I do is it going to help me race I think so I think it really can, there are a few things that come to mind.

The whoop section is always good to have this technique if you can wheelie the whoops and set your tire at the right spots you’re really going to gain some speed. The second would be going through some chopping bumps pulling the front wheel up and just hitting it with your back tire.

The third more advanced technique would be wheeling over like a little single or a jump to get the extra pop on the next jump to maybe jump a triple or jump a little further or jump over some holes hopefully I don’t it up and then end up on Friday fails. The fourth one is a little more advanced you’ll see some guys wheelie to the face of the jump and set their front tire down right at the tip.

So the front suspension blows through the top and they move their weight back and blow the back suspension through the top as well with their weight and stay really low. And it’s really applicable to you know little doubles right out of the term then you got to jump something big after.

Alright, guys and girls that was how to wheelie standing up, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we do.

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