10 Best Knee Braces and Knee Guards For Dirt Bikes 2020

If you’re considering whether to buy dirt bike knee braces or just knee guards, keep in mind the extra cost of good knee braces is money well spent. Knee injuries can happen so easily. You don’t even have to be going fast or come off the bike. Simply dabbing your foot on the ground at the wrong angle can do enough damage to give you years of pain. Knee guards should be the absolute minimum protection for any dirt bike rider or adventure rider. Prevention is better than cure. You can go with knee braces so that you can prevent knee injuries from happening in the first place.

These are the 10 knee braces and knee guards which you can select based on your budget and specific requirement. You can find some cheaper ones and really good pricey ones.

1. Acerbis Impact EVO Knee/Shin Guards

Acerbis continues to produce innovative and protective aftermarket accessories with the same enthusiasm and passion as its founder had in the early years. The EVO Knee / Shin Guards feature stylish padding which is washable and easily removed by button closure. The 10 mm polyurethane foam features soft velvet contact surface and air vents for maximum ventilation. The knee area features 2 points of articulation for improved security and mobility.

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2. SCOYCO Racing Knee Guards

PP shell protects your tibial anterior in a large area. Intermediate transparent shell made by high impact injection molded PC material, design for maximum shock resistance. PP main material with the triple mobile design at the joint of the 30-180° rotation, move freely, comfortable and stable. adjustable elastic strap with a buckle for easy wearing and can be adjusted according to your needs. Metal mesh on the side of Motorcycle knee protector for breathability.

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3. Huntingwolf Racing Knee Shin Guards

These knee & shin guards offer most technologically advanced protection for aggressive motocross riders, and also for any sports where falls and crashes are common. High-impact PP hard shell kneecaps & shin plates are featured to protect the key joints. Elastic straps and coverage system keeps pieces firmly in place, preventing twisting or slipping. The special design of ventilation holes, vented for comfort and breathability. Soft EVA protective liner provides the most safety and protection

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4. Troy Lee Designs KG 5450 Adult Knee/Shin Guard

Troy Lee Designs (TLD) KG 5450 Adult Knee/Shin Guard Motocross Body Armor – Integrated Lycra low-compression zones in a strapless, tapered elastic sleeve with no-slip internal grip zones. Constructed with rugged woven Aramid material to resist abrasion.
X-FIT integrates a wraparound supporter on elastic mesh sleeve for unparalleled comfort and fits without bulky straps. Vent-trak moves air through flexible channels over skin surface to cool the athlete

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5. BARHAR Motorcycle Knee Shin Armor Protect Guard Pads

Ergonomically designed for maximum mobility. Shell are High impact resistance and density ABS ,keep your limbs protected without hindering movement. Molded plastic minimizes harsh jolts to the knee and elbow The high-density high quality vented bio-foam keeps everything cool. While removable and washable lining, remain fresh and dry Wide and adjustable straps keep the guards secure and in place.

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6. Fox Racing 2020 Titan Sport Knee/Shin Guards (Black)

This entry-level knee guard offers complete plastic knee and shin coverage. Traditional, easy-to-use elastic fitting straps and a comfortable soft bio foam chassis. Soft, vented bio-foam chassis keeps you cool and comfortable. Elastic straps with hook-and-loop adjustment. Sold as a pair.

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7. Bionic-7 Off-Road Motocross Knee Brace Set

Incorporating an evolved chassis constructed from an innovative, advanced fiber-glass compound for improved performance, the Bionic 7 Knee Brace is a versatile, fully CE certified knee brace. Designed for the stresses of off-road riding, the Bionic 7 provides support and helps protect from hyper-extension in the event of a crash. Lightweight, ventilated and highly customizable this brace offers a personalized and secure fit.

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8. Pod K8013-169-LG K8 2.0 Knee Brace Carbon/Copper Lg Pair

The K8 Knee Brace is setting the standards for knee protection and delivers a unique impact guard design that provides better protection to your knee. A slimmer hinge housing with improved ligaments and dampening inserts and knee grippers make for one of the most comfortable and protective braces on the market today. The Quick-Lock Clip System allows you to anchor the brace to your leg quicker and easier than ever which means no more rushing and messing with clunky buckles or straps before your ride.

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9. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Set-L

The X-Frame Knee Brace is made of Injected Carbon Composite and is the latest innovation in the Leatt knee brace range. Engineered to help reduce forces to the knee, it limits knee injuries and is CE certified as both a medical device and as impact protection. Sporting asymmetrical hinges, the inner hinge is 40% slimmer, providing superior bike feel during riding, whereas the outer hinge’s durable metal gears offer precise movement.

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10. GuTe Knee Pads, Black Adjustable Long Leg Sleeve Gear Crashproof

High impact PE plastic&EVA shields for extra protection, the inner EVA padding, and outer PE armor offer good protection for the knee. It is lightweight and breathable, wearing is quick and convenient, and the tightness is also adjustable to fit most size. Ergonomically articulated cap design improves the range of motion of your joints, increases flexibility and compact structure, enhances the use of comfort.

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