Dirt Bike Jumping Techniques

In this post, we’re going to show you five awesome drills to jump your dirt bike. These are just drills to make you awesome in jumping, if you’re interested in the techniques to check the description below we have a jumping video there to help you up. Balanced bodywork. Being in motion with power.

What you’re going to do is take two cones to give you a point of reference of when to get on the power and one to ease off the power. But what you’re after here is at the first cone when you turn the throttle that your body leans into that power. What that’s going to simulate is when you’re going up a jumping base and being in balance with the power that’s being delivered to help you jump more level.

Good timeline on this would be maybe an hours-worth of strategic work just going cone to cone and then you move that to the jump. Throttle delivery and being in balance cooling off the actual face in your jump with thinner time working on the ground we’re moving to the jump. And in order to do this smoothly, you’ve got to be really smooth with your throttle also being in the right body position.

What you’re going to do is take two cones just like we worked on the ground you’re going to set one up about ten to fifteen feet before the face of the jump depending on how long the jump is and depending on how tall the jump is. And you’re going to hit the gas at the first cone and all you’re going to think about is being in the right spot like squeeze imbalance but holding the throttle steady all the way through the base of the jump.

When you’re back tired leaves the face of the jump you’ll then come off the throttle. I would spend at least an hour to two hours if you can spend more it wouldn’t hurt on this drill. Learning how to case the jump or over jump a jump. We’re going to find a spot on the track where we’re landing on to flat ground.

We’re going to do it one time and one time only where there are knees off the bikes so not squeezing the bike just so we can feel the difference. And then we’re gonna put a couple of hours and just jumping out landing with your back tire or front tire first but not both at the same time with your legs squeeze really tight. What we’re after here is to get you to where you’re using your legs is the third suspension.

So what happens is if you case the big jump and you’re not using those legs a lot of the times your suspension can’t hold up to you know the force is coming back at you so if you can use the strength of your legs to control that force a lot of times you can save into a crash and or losing time in a race.

But now that we’ve worked on jumping out controlling the bike with our legs we can put ourselves in a more vulnerable position with jumping and landing on the landing of a tabletop or you know a really really mellow double with the front tire down first and then with the back tire down first. The reason for this is because there will be scenarios where if you put the front tire down first that it will be less of a blow right.

For a suspension back suspension legs or vice versa if you over the jump a jump nine times out of ten it’s nice to land with a back tire first, back tire legs front end so that’s how it’s going to help you take the landings and not be so aggressive with it. This is a drill that’s going to keep you safe in a situation where you don’t necessarily want to be but it’s inevitable that you’ll end up there.

And so if you spend some time on this it makes a scary time a little less scary and more controllable. What we like to do here is jump and jump, turn the wheel one way say 10 to 20 times. So maybe you’re an uncomfortable way but we all have our way that’s comfortable but just force yourself to turn your wheel that way and get comfortable moving in the direction that you would normally and then go the other way.

And another thing you could do is jump a little high-wheel push it front end down a little. Just be fluent also jump 15 to 20 times seeing if you can take a full breath in the air just to relax your body because the more relaxed you are with your upper body and the tighter you are with your lower body the more controlled your landing come to be nine times out of ten.

Bonus drill. What we like to do here especially with our younger guys they’re just kind of get into jumping they have a lot of fun doing this it’s when you’re comfortable and you spend enough time on the previous drills. Jump and jump and just start to take your hand up. It doesn’t mean right away you have to stick it behind you that means you can just literally take it off the handlebar put it on the handlebar.

And it starts inching your way a little farther and farther until you’re up here. And then once you’re up here you’re close to pulling you tear off so maybe get a tear off and think about pulling a tear off throw it in the dirt don’t leave it there because that’s littering we don’t like to litter. Get your tear off and take it to the garbage and then practice it tomorrow it’ll be really fun.

Always start with your non-throttle hand meaning your hands. Okay, that gives you control here for some reason you don’t get your hand back on the handlebar you at least have control of the bike whether you need to go get out of the way or get to the next jump get your hand back on.

Alright, guys, you got about 40 hours of drills to do. I hope you enjoy it.

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