5 Dirt Bike Chest Protector To Protect You In Your Riding

Motocross Body Armour is one of the essential pieces of protective equipment that can make the difference between an epic day out on your dirt bike or an absolute shocker. High speeds, loose terrain, flying rocks and dirt, unexpected trees, even some friendly fire from your own handlebars; these are all dangers that can come out of nowhere when you’re out riding, depending on what kind of dirt bike riding you’re into.

1. Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

Full body under jersey coverage has a new standard with the Titan Sport Jacket. Its complete plastic plating of key contact areas is unmatched. Its full mesh main body offers a precise, bunch-free fit. Add in the intelligently engineered ventilation zones and the Titan Sport Jacket truly becomes the ultimate battle suit. The less comfortable you are, the worse you perform, so the Titan Sport Jacket was designed to keep you at the top of your game.

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2. Webetop Adults Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Protector

With strong wear resistance, high density EVA foam adhesive synthesis. It’s anti-bump, anti-fall and shock-resistant, maximum protect the chest, spine, shoulder, and other important body parts. The top quality environmental fabrics is breathable and comfortable. It is easy to wear under all clothes, good for spring, summer, autumn and winter. The shoulder strap is easy to adjust according to your shoulder, minimizing the size problems for you.

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3. Fox Racing Airframe Pro Jacket CE-Grey-L/XL

The all new Airframe Pro CE Jacket breaks the mold for complete upper body protection. With CE certified coverage in the chest, back and shoulders, it gives you the confidence to ride at your limit. The Airframe Jacket has an adjustable, articulated fit for comfort and flexibility. The shoulders can be removed so you can wear just the chest. Articulating back plate for superior fit & range of motion. Molded EVA foam in lightweight, resists sweat & allows for ventilation

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4. EVS F1 Adult Roost Guard Motox/Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor

Lightweight impact resistant injection molded construction, Compact Form Fit design, Compatible with all major neck braces
adjustable shoulders, Click-tec front closure system ensures adjustability and secure fit, Removable back plate, Plush biofoam liner, Multiple vents and air channels offer maximum ventilation

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5. A.B Crew Motorcycle Body Armor Adult Street Bike Chest Protector

The all-new roost guard is a justifiable, yet simple new addition to the amazing function for protection. With stellar roost deflection technology and a fully modular customizable design, personalizing your own fit to suit your exact needs is now easier than ever. Its compact and form fitting design was tailored to fuel your competitive side without sacrificing comfort or protection. Light weight impact resistant injection molded construction.

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